Does God speak to us through the weather?

I have always found it interesting how the weather can effect a person’s attitude. In other words, when it is sunny outside people are mostly happy and full of excitement. When it is cloudy, rainy and gloomy outside people are mostly down and out, we can easily get discouraged or depressed. During heavy  thunderstorms we feel quite timid, anxious, cautious, and reactive. When it snows outside a calm, easy, joyful, peace comes over us.

So why does the weather have so much effect on how we feel?


This is a question that I often ponder, so I am going to give my thoughts on what I believe. I hope this may help you to start looking at weather in a whole new way.

I truly believe that the weather is a way for God to show us his different personalities. It is a way to let us know that he is here with us always. It is a way that He communicates to us  and lets us know that he his real and that he is in control of everything. He uses weather to keep us grounded and humble.


Simply put, the weather is a way God speaks to us.

Let me explain. He gives us sunshine to show that He will bring light to our souls if we trust in Him. He gives us rainy days because He wants us to know that he will shower us with His love if we let Him in. When it thunderstorms He shows us that He is all powerful and if we let Him in our life He will give us power. When it snows outside God wants us to know that He has covered our sins and makes them white as snow if we will except Him. God gives us a beautiful sunrise to let us know that His mercies are new every morning. He gives us amazing sunsets to let us know that He never left us throughout the day.  He gives us the moon and stars to show us that He is watching over us during the night.

Now when you experience different types of weather, instead of focusing on the feeling that you get, focus on what you think God is trying to tell you.

I believe that God wants to speak to us through the weather if we will just listen.

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