Denying Self

Mark 8:34 “Whoever desires to come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me.

Denying self is the key to how we should live our lives daily as overcomers and  followers of Jesus Christ. I have not mastered it, nor will I ever but I would like to share what I have learned over my Chrisitian life of what this term means to me and how I have learned to apply it in my daily walk with Christ.

Let me start by comfirming that moment we give our heart to Jesus Christ we become a Christian. We are a new creature. Our old self has died. Our sins have been forgiven. We no longer should live by the worlds standards.  We are free and now child of God. We have the creator of the universe on our side willing and waiting to fight for us and use us for His glory. We now have the same power that raised Jesus from the grave living in us. Since we are now a follower of Jesus our actions should be different than the worlds. We no longer have to have let worry, anger, fear, anxiety or any other form of negative thought distract us from trusting in God. I know that this sounds almost too good to be true but it is absolutely the truth. It starts wil denying ourselves, taking up our cross and choosing to follow Jesus, daily. 

Many people think that when they hear this phrase, “denying ourselves” that it is a bad thing but it actually is the total opposite. God will only work through us when we deny ourselves first. The more we learn to deny our selfish desires the more that God will bless us. In other words, as we decrease He will increase. It is difficult to let go of our selfish desires but the reward is far beyond what we give up. Once we experience the inner blessings that God gives us then we will find it easier and easier to deny ourselves on a daily basis. God wants us to enjoy our selves and he is the master at creating joy in our lives, but we first have to completely give up our own ways, give Him our minds, time and focus, then He will in return bless us in so many ways that we could not have done ourselves.

If only one person is changed by this blog I have accomplished what I set out to. If you are still confused, then I encourage you to keep searching and keep praying. Don’t give up. Usually, when we decide to give up is when God is in the midst revealing something to us. If it were to come easy then we would not be as greatful for understanding and revelation.

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