Paid In Full


2 Corinthians 5:21, For He made Him who knew no sin to be sin for us, that we might become the righteousness of God in Him.

Have you ever had someone pay off a debt for you? If not then just imagine for a moment, that you got a letter in the mail saying that your house, car, credit cards, student loans etc have been paid in full. All of a sudden you owe not one penny to anyone. That’s not all! In case you do happen to run up any debt in the future, this person has already paid that off for you too. I don’t know about you but that would be a feeling of relief. The only thing that you have to do to remain debt free is to Believe in and follow the one in whom which paid your debt. You wouldn’t have to tell me twice.

I don’t know about you but I would want to first of all go Thank the person with sincerity, then I would want to become their friend, Learn More about them and why they did what they did, and lastly I would more than likely keep in touch with them pretty regularly, maybe even  Follow them and mimic their ways, so that I could maybe do this same thing for someone else one day to some degree.

Now, for real. This is exactly the same thing that Jesus done for us, except what He paid for was a much more costly debt than the scenario above. The debt he paid for was our eternal damnation and separation from God forever, not just for you but for all mankind. When I think of this, it is unfathomable to my mind. But it is true and I am grateful every morning when I wake up that I have accepted this offer. Jesus paid mine and your debt when he hung on that cross. Every sin that has ever been or will be was paid on the cross. His blood was the ultimate sacrifice for all mankind. Now, all we have to do is believe.

Do you believe?

If you say yes, I have or I do, then great! I will see you in heaven one day. But don’t stop there. There is more. Many people accept Christ and then don’t know what to do next, except for go church on Sunday. Going to church on Sunday or anytime the doors is open is great, I highly encourage everyone to find a good church family to plug into, but let me also challenge you to 5 daily things that will help your relationship with God to grow.

  1. Believe daily. Refresh your mind in what has been done for you every single day. Remind yourself daily that you are free, you are saved and set free from sins penalty. We should feel the same way that we felt when we first got saved, every single day. We can feel this excitement and joy if we decide to believe daily.
  2. Thank him daily. All we can really do is thank him for what he has done for us. Rather than starting our prayers off as request, wants and favors, remember to thank him for what He has already done for us. We can never thank him enough. As we become truly grateful on a daily basis, we will experience more joy and excitement in our lives. Thankfulness produces contentment     and contentment produces peace.
  3. Learn more daily . Read your bible daily to learn about this man whom paid your debt and how you can become like him. Just as we would want to learn more about the man who paid our financial debts, we should want to learn more about Jesus, Whom paid our eternal life debt. As we learn more about Him, we will begin to love him more, and also love others more. Our perspective of everything will begin to change as we learn His ways.
  4. Talk to him daily.  He wants to hear from you everyday. Spill your heart out to him. Everything on your chest, tell him about it. He will listen and work on your behalf. When you talk to Him daily you will begin to feel a peace that everything is going to be okay. Worry will disappear. When we pray we can speak directly to the only one who really can fix our mess. Don’t neglect this very important part. You will eventually look forward to this everyday and it will even become your favorite part of day. 
  5. Follow him daily. Follow in His footsteps. Mimic his ways. It is not always easy but rewarding. Not external rewards but internal rewards. As you follow Christ daily, you will experience an internal reward of joy and excitement that no external reward can offer. As He speaks to you, just obey. When you take a step of faith, He will meet you there. 

Lamentation 3:23, Great is his faithfulness; his mercies begin afresh each morning.


God bless.


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