Hurting People Hurt other People or Help Them

Romans 8:28: “We know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose”


One thing that I have come to understand is that this world is full of hurting people. I believe that everyone is hurting in some way. Or I will put it this way, I don’t believe that anyone person makes it out of this world without getting hurt. Since this is the way it is, I would like to write a little about this topic. Hopefully someone can find value in something that is written here.

So let’s jump right in.

One of the main problems with being hurt is that we all have become really good at hiding our hurts from each other, this is not good for ourselves or others, because it makes it seem to the outside world that we are okay, when we really are going through hurt and we feel that everyone else is not hurting when they really are. We scan through our social media feeds and see everyone living a life that they love while we are feeling hurt inside. It becomes very hard to talk about, even to family or friends because of a fear of them thinking the we are weak, weird or maybe even psychotic. Hurting does not mean that you are weak, weird or psychotic, it means that you are human. It means that you are growing and that God is doing something in your life that you do not understand yet but you will! Getting hurt is part of life and we can look at it as being a victim or we can look at it as part of the process to getting where God wants us to be.

Most of us keep our hurts balled up inside for as long as we can until we eventually break down or explode and hurt someone else, (probably someone that we love) and this cycle keeps going on and on. Eventually many people will wind up hurt because one person was unable to express their hurt to someone else. I want to encourage us all to stop this vicious cycle. Not just so we do not hurt others anymore but most importantly so we move past our own hurts.

If you are feeling hurt please realize that you are not alone and that everyone is facing some sort of hurt whether you can see it on the outside or not. Also understand that this hurt that you feel right now will pass, and that it will make you stronger and closer to being used by God in the plans that He has for you.

I love to read Romans 8:18 during hurtful times. Romans 8 18 I hope this verse will help you as well. It definitely helps me. Actually, I have learned that the more I understand that hurt is apart of living and growing the more I am able to to express my own hurts to others instead of lashing out when I do not want to.

Being hurt is no fun, but when we use our experience to help others it makes our hurt work for the glory of God, if that makes sense. In other words, when we use our hurts as a tool in our tool box to help others instead as a weapon to hurt them, God gets the glory and we become stronger and more confident that we are part of Gods plan. 

My hope for everyone that is hurting or has been hurt before would be to use that experience to help someone else. Don’t waste that hurt. Use it that it might glorify God in some way. I also encourage you to talk with someone about it. Get it out there so it can be dealt with. It will take some courage and vulnerability, but you will feel better when you talk about it. If you can’t talk with anyone about it right now, then talk with God about it. He wants to listen and use you to make a difference in others lives.

I have found that when I focus on understanding others, helping others and loving others then God steps in and uses me in ways that I would have never dreamed. I find that all of a sudden my hurts turn into healing through helping others.


Have a blessed day!







2 responses to “Hurting People Hurt other People or Help Them

  1. Wow Derek God is so awesome the healing I’ve seen take place in your life encourages me. The love of God covers everything. The word is powerful in you. Thank you for sharing. Please add me to your devotionals

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