Be Contagious, Have Integrity (Character Pt 6)

When we have integrity it is contagious. Others want to be around people with integrity. We feel alive! When we feel alive we are contagious. Others will want what we have. They will not be able to pinpoint what it is about us that make us so infectious. The secret is integrity!

Let me elaborate a little more about this important character trait because I believe that it the #1 reason why  so many people come short of accomplishing their dreams in life. Integrity issues can eat at your conscious so much that people sometimes quit. They quit because they cannot lie to themselves any longer. They know that they cannot be trusted. If a person has integrity issues, then they should not quit, they should change! It is never too late to become a person of integrity.

People sometimes don’t always know they have integrity issues. Why?  It is because they have seared their conscious. Don’t let integrity sear your conscious. Let me explain. When we know the right thing to do, but don’t do it, then it can become easier to not do the right the next time. If we do the wrong thing again and again, eventually our conscience can be seared. Kind of like a seared tongue from hot soup or a cup of hot chocolate. Our conscience can be seared just the same. We can become numb to what is wrong and what is right. This is not a place that you ever want to be.  I encourage you to listen to your conscience, do what is right even when you don’t think that others are looking. Listening to our conscience is a choice and our choices in life determine our character. Character determines the quality of our lives. If you want to be a contagious leader, have integrity! 

So, how does integrity make us a contagious leader? First, it helps us accomplish our dreams! Our dreams in life are reached through trusting ourselves. If we do not trust ourselves them we will hold ourselves back from accomplishing our dreams. Dreamers are contagious! Dreamers inspire others to dream. Be a person of integrity. Dream and become contagious. People with integrity also have inner strength. Not the strength it takes to lift a bunch of heavy weights but strength that no one else can ever take away. Integrity is something that you have complete control of. We gain our inner strength through our integrity. We lose our inner strength though lack of integrity. Do you need more inner strength? Begin by evaluating your integrity. You are the only one that can evaluate this. People with a strong inner ability and strength are contagious.

Next, having integrity allows us to be free. We become free to be who we are. We do not feel like we are in bondage or in captivity. We are free! Freedom is a gift you can give yourself. People that have a free spirit are contagious! They release freedom everywhere they go. Freedom is something that everyone desire to have. You can have freedom by having integrity. When you are free, you are contagious.

The last thing I want to suggest is the most wanted and needed quality that any man or woman that has ever walked the face of the earth longs for. When people display this quality it changes people, it is contagious! This quality is called “love”.  When we have integrity we are able to love ourselves. When we love ourselves then we are free to love others. Loving is contagious! Without love we will become the complete opposite of contagious, which is “alone”. No one wants to be alone. We all need each other. We all need love. To be loved we have to love. When we love we become contagious!

God Bless

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