Trading Burdens for Peace

Psalm 55:22 Give your burdens to the LORD, and he will take care of you.

In this blog I want to talk about 3 things that could be hindering you from giving  your burdens to the Lord and receiving the promise of Peace. Maybe you really want to cast your burdens on the Lord but you just don’t understand how this works? Or maybe you have tried but still feel the pressure or weight, you are still not at peace. 

Let me start by giving an illustration. Imagine that you were standing in the hot sun, holding 100 lbs of cement block for several hours.  Just in front of you was a nice air conditioned building with a massage therapist inside asking you to put down the cement block and come in to get a free massage. This is the same scenario that some of us go through everyday with our burdens. We hold on to things that are just too much for us or anyone too carry around when right in front of us is relief. Why do we do this when the bible tells us to give our burdens to the Lord and He will take care of us?


Now just about anyone would agree that this verse is a very comforting verse if it were easy to do. I mean who would not want to cast their burdens on someone else’s feet, for a return of peace and the promise that we would be taken care of. We would be crazy not to take this offer.

Many of us may think that applying it is seems to be the hard part. But I want to challenge that thought or assumption for a moment. I believe that actually applying it is the easy part, believing it is the hard part. 

Do you really Believe? If not, Believe! You will find Peace!

In order to cast our cares upon the Lord we have to believe in our hearts 100% that not only this verse is true but also every other verse in Bible is true also. But if we fail to believe any part of the Bible then it will cause us to have a lack of faith in this verse too. In other words the more we truly believe what the Bible says the more able we are to apply the things in it to our lives and then the more peace that we feel. But if we say that we only believe certain parts of the Bible then we are also saying that we don’t fully believe all of it. I believe this is a common issue with Christians today. Many Christians toady are not all in so they can’t reap all the benefits that the bible promises. We have to believe the whole Bible if we want to receive the peace of God. Even the parts we don’t like.

Are you ALL IN? Do you Believe in ALL of the Bible? If, not Be ALL IN! You will gain Peace! 

Casting our cares and burdens on the Lord is not a one time deal. It does not happen all of a sudden and lasts forever. We have to make this application a daily habit and practice. I have to remind myself daily, and sometimes several times a day to hand over my burdens to the Lord. I find that when I can do this as instructed He in return offers me a peace that passes all understanding or in other words, I can’t describe the peace that comes over me when I am able to apply this simple instruction that is given to us. It is kind of a feeling of just knowing that everything is going to be alright, no matter how bad it looks because He is in control and not us. And this peace will remain if we keep our eyes on Christ. But as soon as we turn our eyes on anything else, that peace will fade. This is why we have to make it a daily practice. There are so many distractions in the world that will take our mind off of the one thing and the only thing that can give us peace.

Do you cast your Cares on Him Daily? If not, Start today! You will have peace!


God Bless!



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