The Journey of Success

cubsFor over 100 years the Chicago Cubs have been trying to win another World Series. 108 years to be exact. Well, their dream came true last night in an epic game against the Cleveland Indians. I find this very encouraging and inspiring, not only because I am a Cubs fan but because they never gave up on their dream. They believed one more year that they could go all the way even though they had failed 107 times before.

This is the way it is with life, especially when we have dreams and aspirations that seem almost impossible. What do we do when we have tried something so many times and failed or the result did not turn out like we had hoped? Like the Cubs, we learn from it, keep trying over and over again until we win! John Maxwell wrote a book called, “Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Learn.” He teaches in this book that we never lose if we keep trying, we do learn though. It is part of the process and journey to success. I have learned that is the secret recipe to success!

If you have goals, dreams or aspirations that you want to achieve, or maybe you have been trying for a while now and still haven’t gotten there yet, let me encourage you to keep going! Don’t think about giving up. Look how far that you have came! You are in the process of winning! Winning and success is a journey not just a moment. So enjoy the journey! You will achieve the impossible, just like the 2016 Chicago Cubs did, if you do not give up.


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