4 Simple Things That We Should Be Telling Our Wives

Men, what are you telling your wive’s on a daily basis? Are you lifting your wife up or tearing her down? Are you consistently reaffirming her that you love her?  If you have never really thought about it before, now is a good time. It is important that we tell our wives good things everyday, that will lift them up, remind them that we care and that they are secure with us. They deserve it! And when they are lifted up then we will be as well.

Here are 4 simple things that we should be telling our wives daily that will lift her up assure her that she is special to you.

  1. Good morning. Have you ever woke up and got your day started without telling your wife good morning? Have you ever have NOT acknowledged your wife in the morning because you were too busy with your own agenda. It is easy to do if you are not thinking about it. I believe that it is extremely important though, because it sets the tone for the rest of the day. It lets her know that she is important to you and that you are happy that you get to see her in the morning. Men, we do not want our wives to start their day thinking that she is not on our minds.  I challenge you to start telling your wife good morning every morning in a genuine, loving tone. Watch this difference it will make.
  2. Good Afternoon After a few hours from leaving our wife it is good idea to either call to say hello, to see how her days is going, or at least send a little text to her letting her know that she is on your mind. This doesn’t take 1 to 2 minutes out of your day but the results are tremendous. Again try it, watch the difference that it will make.
  3. How was your day? Once you and your wife get home make sure that you ask, ” How was your day?” Guys, this is extremely important! And be ready to listen. She wants to tell you about everything that happened that day. It is important to her that you care. Even if you are tired and don’t feel like it, do it anyways. If you go ahead and commit to doing this then, it is actually quite interesting to hear what her day was like. Remember, listening is the key thing. Once she gets it off her chest, the rest of the evening should go much smoother. I challenge you to start asking your wife, How was her day!”Watch the difference it will make.
  4. Good night Before you go to bed, make sure you say goodnight. Don’t go to bed angry or bitter. If you have a disagreement make sure that you settle it and forgive before going to bed. Make sure she knows before going to sleep that nothing can ever change your mind about loving her, even if you have a disagreement. Most of the time sleeping on a disagreement is the best thing. But do it with forgiveness. You both will more than likely wake up with a different perspective in the morning.This sounds so simple, but I would bet that many couples do not consciously say goodnight before bed. I challenge you to start saying goodnight. Watch the difference it will make.

Consistency is important. So make sure that you make this a habit. I believe that if you commit to doing these 4 simple things daily you will see a difference in your relationship.


Have a blessed day!











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