10 things on my bucket list

Do you have a bucket list?

You know, things that you would like to do before you “kick the bucket”.

If not, then I encourage you to make one and write it down.

When we make a bucket list we are dreaming of things that we would like to do one day.

Why write it down?

When we write down our dreams and goals then we immediately start thinking of how to accomplish them or make it a reality. The opposite is also true as well. If we do not write down and think about our goals and dreams then we more than likely will not ever reach them.

I would like to share 10 things on my bucket list with you.

  1. Write a successful book
  2. Visit Europe, Africa, Asia and Alaska
  3.  Catch a Blue Marlin
  4. Own a beach house
  5. Be on a tv game show
  6. Run a half marathon
  7. Flip a House
  8. Visit New York City
  9. Learn to Scuba Dive
  10. Have my own business

This is just 10 things on my list but my list keeps on going to about 100 at the moment. I have a lot to do in order to make these things happen. That is the point!

It is not just accomplishing the dream on your list, but what you become in the process.

I encourage you to begin working on your bucket list today!


Have a blessed day!



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