The One Ingredient That Is Holding You Back From Accomplishing Your Dream

Is Faith really faith without action behind it? Is love really love if one only says it but does not show it? I think that we can all agree that the answer is NO to both of these questions.

The same principle applies when it comes to our dreams becoming a reality.

What principle is that?  It is called the principle of action or non-action.

In other words, when an action takes place things get moved further along than they were before. When non-action takes place then things stay as they were.

This may sound like a simple principle to understand. Yes. It is simple to understand but not simple to do. If it were simple to do then we would all be busy doing it rather than thinking about doing it.

This leads me to the number one reason why most people do not accomplish their dreams.

A lack of action is the number one reason why so many people have and will go to their graves with their dreams still in their mind.

I know that may sting a little. If it did, then I am glad. Because that means that you have got to get busy. Put away all excuses and take action right away before that sense of urgency that you are experiencing goes away and you become complacent again.

If you have a dream that you have been thinking about for a while but have never took the first step? This is for you!

Maybe the dream seems too big and you don’t know where to start.

Let me encourage you to just start today! Right now. Even if you only spend 15 minutes a day working on it. Just begin! Take action. Now! Not tomorrow. Right now!

But don’t stop there.

Do this daily! Even if it is 15 minutes. Dreams do not happen overnight for anyone. It takes time. Even if it takes a long time. That is okay. Just work on your dream everyday and one day not only will your dreams become your reality but you will go to your grave with no regrets.


A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. ~ LAO TZU


Have a blessed day!




3 responses to “The One Ingredient That Is Holding You Back From Accomplishing Your Dream

  1. So much truth here. Fear really can stifle us and when we confront it most times it ends up to be a lot of nothing. We’re sure you faced real fear in your military encounters and overcame them as part of a process.

    • Fear is something that we all have to face daily, knowing that, I am working towards forming a habit of overcoming it daily. I do not always win, but I do learn. đŸ˜€

      I am learning that when we face our fears head on, we gain confidence!

      Thanks for reading!

      • Goes to show us Derek that we are always working toward improving and that’s what makes us winners. When I look back on the situations I have been in through my career I realize I would have quit before getting started if I had let fear rule.

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