Quit Beating Yourself Up

You are today where your thoughts have brought you, you will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you.”   James Allen

I believe that you and I can become anything we want to be in this life if we are willing to focus our mind on that in which we desire until it becomes a reality. We can accomplish anything that we want to accomplish if were willing to put in the work and sacrifice and do not give up.

Now, just what is it that you want to become or accomplish in this life?

Once you know what that is then honestly to ask yourself this, ” Do I want to focus my mind on this dream daily and put in the work, sacrifice while having the patience it will take to become what I dream about until it is a reality?”

I know that is a tough question to ask but if you can answer yes to this question then your dreams will become your reality! Hold on for an exciting ride!

If your answer is no, then that is fine too. Not everyone wants to commit to such a thing.

But you also need to also ask yourself if at the end of your life will you regret that you did not commit to accomplishing your dreams. Or in 30 years when you are still thinking about this same dream, will you be okay with that fact that you did not act on behalf of your heart’s desire because it was too hard.

I see people everyday upset with themselves because they are not where they hoped they would be and discouraged because they are no closer to their dreams than they were 10 years ago. They are beating themselves up for something that they should not be beating themselves up over.

In other words, why should a person beat them self up over not being a lawyer when they have not even been to law school? Or why should a person beat themselves up because they can not play guitar when they have not practiced in a year?

If this is you, then I want to say to you, “quit being so tough on yourself, no one can do that. Not a person on this planet can become something that they have never consistently thought about, worked hard at, sacrificed for, or waited patiently to attain.

People every day are disappointed in themselves for this exact thing. This is insanity.

What I want to try to help us to understand is that it takes hard work to turn dreams into reality. Too many people beat themselves up because they are not accomplishing their dreams when they are not even doing what it takes to reach their dreams.

Let me encourage you today to re-ignite your dreams! Begin thinking, pursuing, and sacrificing today for your dreams! Chip away at your dreams every day. Don’t settle! Be willing to put in the work it takes. Don’t wake up another day with the regret that you are not pursuing your dreams. Now, Get to work!


Have a great day! God bless.






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